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The Caveman Lifestyle… In a Nutshell

Just about every day somebody asks me about my eating habits or my exercise routine… and it’s not always easy to explain the caveman diet / paleo / primal / evolutionary lifestyle or whatever we choose to call it. A while back I stumbled upon a couple of videos that pretty much explained it… “in [...]

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Rebel News: Jack Lalanne, Fake Taco Bell Beef, and Rise in Diabetes

You know, earlier this week Yahoo News reported that almost 26 million Americans have some form of diabetes!!! That is CRAZY! (That means 1 in 12 people have diabetes in this country!!!) (Note: Diabetes is when the body has trouble responding properly to insulin. In other words, how your body uses sugars). CDC (Center for [...]

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Must Have Gear To Follow Primal Blueprint or Caveman Diet – Part 1

Every day I get emails and messages on Facebook about what my workouts are like… and what kind of equipment I used to get great results in such a short time. So, I’ll try to address some of these questions over the next few weeks. So, I’ll start with the equipment. The truth is that [...]

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Real Life Success Story - Body Transformation

My Story on Mark’s Daily Apple!

My ‘weight loss story’ was published on Mark Sisson’s blog, Mark’s Daily Apple yesterday! Mark is the author of the Primal Blueprint and the Primal Blueprint Cook Book. You can read my story here: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/there-are-no-limits-there-are-only-plateaus/ I’m really stoked about it and hope you find it enjoyable as well. All the best,

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Six Simple Rules To Fast Weightloss

A lot of people ask me how I lost so much weight so quickly… and it’s sometimes hard to quantify exactly how and what I did. However, here are six simple rules that I followed in order to maximize my fat loss: Keep things simple – simple exercise, simple diet, simple routine. Less is often [...]

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