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A Midnight Run…

So at 11:30pm I decided to go for my first run… “minimalist” style. I suspect that re-reading “Born to Run” has something to do with it.

Anyway, I ended up warming up by taking my ‘overfed’ dog, Kuma, for a mile walk (briskly I might add… Kuma was pretty worn out by the time we got back). It had been raining a bit earlier in the evening so it had that slightly damp fresh air… which felt refreshing.

After getting Kuma situated with some water I took a swig of water of my own and headed right back out the door and went for a 2 mile run.

The first mile of my course which I predetermined the other day by driving it (so I could figure out how far it is) is all uphill. And while I was dreading this section it went a heck of a lot smoother than I expected considering this was the first run I’ve gone on in probably 5 years…

Because I’m trying out my new New Balance Minimus running shoes (which I talked about in my last post) I was a bit concerned about my running gait… but honestly it felt completely natural. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to walking around barefoot or with flip flops, but I didn’t even have to really think about landing mid-foot (instead of heel).

All in all, the shoes felt pretty good. Perhaps a tad ‘restrictive’ since I rarely wear anything but my ‘flip flops’ or ‘sanuks’ (which by the way are awesome).

Now that I’ve tested them out on a run… I’m thinking that once I get used to running with the Minimus I’ll “graduate” to running with huaraches (the barefoot running sandals). I’m thinking that they’ll feel a lot freer and I’ll be able to splay out my foot better while running.

I think what was most surprising was that as I approached my house I felt amazingly fresh and could have probably gone for another mile or two… I resisted the temptation since today was my first day out and I worked out earlier in the day, which included doing tons of hindu squats.

Honestly, just considering running another mile is completely crazy considering how much I’ve dreaded running in the past. (I’m thinking running with 50 lbs less weight on me probably had something to do with it).

Anyway, my initial goal is to be able to run 10k without rest… and still be able to function afterward. And I want to do it as minimalist as possible without tearing the bottom of my feet up, which means I’ll have to invest in some decent huaraches down the road.


PS – If you’re curious about huaraches, you can learn more about them at Luna Sandals and also at Invisible Shoes. Both of these establishments have a ‘do it yourself’ kit for making these sandals… but I’m thinking I’ll have them make them for me. :)

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