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Six Simple Rules To Fast Weightloss

A lot of people ask me how I lost so much weight so quickly… and it’s sometimes hard to quantify exactly how and what I did.

However, here are six simple rules that I followed in order to maximize my fat loss:

  1. Keep things simple – simple exercise, simple diet, simple routine. Less is often more – I noticed that when I worked out less, I had greater gains.
  2. Avoid Grains, Legumes and Tubers – avoid rice, pasta, cereal, potatoes or bread to the best of your ability. If you’re questioning whether you should eat it or not… don’t eat it.
  3. Avoid Liquid Calories – I would avoid any soda (pop), sweetened drinks and juices. (I haven’t had a soda in 10 years). I also don’t consume much in terms of alcohol… maybe 1 beer or a glass of wine a week.
  4. Track it- Track your visual progress by taking a “Before Picture”. I recommend you take one every month. Track your eating habits the first week, then once every month or two. I’m not big on tracking weight (because weight is a poor indicator of whether you’re losing fat), but track your weight AND your bodyfat (I used calipers).
  5. Have fun – If you can, find (physical) activities that you think are fun and do them more often. Or challenge yourself and take up something you’ve always wanted to do but was afraid to learn or do (like dancing, rock climbing, martial arts, swimming or whatever).
  6. Be flexible – There are times when it can be difficult to follow some of the “rules” (particularly in regards to eating). The world doesn’t end just because you ate some ‘grains’ or missed a workout.

Remember, this is a LIFESTYLE…

While some of my friends and family think I’m nuts, not for a moment have I thought that I was depriving myself of anything by following this lifestyle. If you’re still questioning if this is for you or not, please read Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson and the New Evolution Diet by Art De Vany.

I’ll be sharing more thoughts about some of the specifics in each of my rules in future blog posts.

Be strong!

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