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How I lost 40lbs in less than 4 months

I used to prescribe to the typical diet of eat small meals 4 – 6 times per day, exercise on a regular basis and all that good stuff.

I even did P90X a few years back with decent results (I went from 220 lbs or so to 195lbs on the program). The problem for me was the fact that I started overtraining… and finally injured myself. And of course, the weight skyrocketed right back up (it didn’t help that I had some other injuries on top of this that compounded all of it).

The most I ever weighed was probably close to 240 lbs… I managed to drop this back to about 225lbs (in May, 2010) by walking and doing some light exercise (in the form of martial arts lessons) and eating moderately healthy according to the Standard American Diet (SAM).

Since then I’ve lost over 40lbs!

I now weigh 176lbs… and am getting pretty lean.

The picture on the right was taken in August of 2010, just 3 months after I'd started the Evolutionary Fitness Lifestyle

How did I do it?

Well… it was pretty simple actually.

Some time ago I came across a blog by a guy named Arthur De Vany… who talked about Evolutionary Fitness. The premise of this theory is that we should in essence adapt our lifestyle and diets to imitate the activities of our ancestral ‘hunter – gatherer’ societies. In other words… adopt a “Cave Man” style diet and be lead a moderately healthy lifestyle (by going for walks, doing some light resistance training etc.).

Here’s Mr. De Vany talking about Evolutionary Fitness:

Of course, I didn’t really take it all that seriously… and moved on.

Fast forward several months and an acquaintance of mine asked me whether I had heard about the “Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson.

I hadn’t… but I checked out his blog and started sifting through the posts. All of what he had to say was very reminiscent of DeVany, and for some reason this time it really resonated with me.

And again, it talked about evolutionary fitness, caveman diets and keeping a light to moderate exercise programs that doesn’t have you turning into a gym rat.

In any event, I bought his book “The Primal Blueprint”, digested it and started adapting it into my lifestyle (particularly the diet portions of this blueprint) to test the program (how can I give an opinion if I don’t know first hand).

One of the things that resonated with me the most about this program is that it’s relatively easy to implement into your life (even if your family think you’re nuts). It doesn’t have you eating 6 times a day nor does it require a tremendous amount of working out… Seriously, I barely worked out for the first couple of months while I was doing this…

I’ll share with you more insights into my diet as well as different types of workouts I do to keep myself primed for Primal.

Have fun!

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