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Rebel News: Jack Lalanne, Fake Taco Bell Beef, and Rise in Diabetes

You know, earlier this week Yahoo News reported that almost 26 million Americans have some form of diabetes!!!

That is CRAZY!

(That means 1 in 12 people have diabetes in this country!!!)

(Note: Diabetes is when the body has trouble responding properly to insulin. In other words, how your body uses sugars).

CDC (Center for Disease Control) says it’s a 9% increase since 2008. They report that this is because more people are getting Type 2 diabetes, also called Adult-onset diabetes.

So why should we care as cavemen? :)

We both know that Type 2 diabetes is related to insulin resistance and obesity.

If people actually followed the Caveman Diet and the evolutionary fitness lifestyle they would actually lower the risk of diabetes! And if they already have it, it can even help regulate their insulin…

Anyway, if you want to learn more about a recent study on how low carb, high fat / protein diet is associated with a lower risk of getting diabetes, check the following study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

On to some other news this week.

I meant to write a post about Jack Lalanne passing away… but because I got sick (yay!) I just couldn’t drag myself to the computer and write anything.

I know it’s lame.

But, Jack Lalanne was one of my role models so I felt I had to at least mention his passing.

This man was a machine!

Did you know that he actually swam handcuffed from Alcatraz to the Fisherman’s warf in San Francisco. And he did it again a second time towing a 1000-pound boat!


If you’ve ever been to the Golden Gate City you know how far that is.

He also set some other records involving push-ups, pull-ups and even pulling dozens of boats while swimming…

You can read more about his amazing feats over at his website Jacklalanne.com.

Did you hear about the Taco Bell Beef story earlier this week?

If you didn’t, the story was that a law firm in Alabama placed a class action lawsuit on Taco Bell because their beef did not meat the criteria for what the FDA considers meat (yeah, I know, it’s scary).

So, yesterday Taco Bell came out and said their meat is 88% real beef


Was I supposed to be impressed by that?

So, what’s the other 12%..? (do you really want to know?).

(Side note: a friend of my wife who worked at Taco Bell told her the meat comes in powder form. The last time I checked you don’t buy grass fed beef in powder form at the butcher).

Anyway, the following article by the folks over at the NaturalNews.com has some rather interesting and somewhat funny (in a weird sort of way) and scary insights about Taco Bell “meat” (and other “meat”) that you might appreciate reading as well.

Until next time.

Have fun!

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