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New Running Shoes

Anybody that knows me knows that I DESPISE running… but because I want to up my conditioning a bit I decided to invest in some new shoes. Minimalist Style!!!

After a little research on the ‘interwebs’, talking to some forum friends and trying some different shoes on I decided on the New Balance Minimus. While these aren’t TRUE flat shoes (minimalist style) since it has a heel to toe variance of 4mm, I liked the feel and fit of these better than the Merrell Trail Gloves (which was another great option).

Here’s what they look like:

I haven’t really been a distance runner since back in High School… but decided to re-learn the minimalist / barefoot gait this time around since I’m pretty much starting my conditioning training (e.g. running) from scratch.

By the way, when you run with minimalist shoes (or barefoot for that matter) you have to re-learn how to run, because they have little to no cushioning (as mentioned the Minimus only has a 4mm heel to toe drop). In other words, you have to learn how to run with proper posture and also stop running in the typical ‘heel to toe’ fashion.

Thankfully, New Balance had the foresight to partner with Good Form Running to teach new minimalist runners on how to run properly. The downside is that it’s a bit skinny on info…

And honestly Merrell (who’s shoes I decided not to get at this point) has some really good stuff and have created several videos on Barefoot (minimalist) running that I found very helpful.

So, what got me on this minimalist kick in the first place?

Well… I suppose it started when I read the Primal Blueprint and Mark Sisson’s Blog, Mark’s Daily Apple. There are several articles on barefoot and minimalist running that spiked my interest. Then I came across the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, which is about the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico (a hidden tribe of amazing runners). By the way, “Born to Run” is a really good read even if you’re not interested in barefoot running…

This of course got me reading some other stuff like the Barefoot Running by Jason Robillard along with more practical running guides like the Pose Method and ChiRunning (which aren’t specifically about barefoot running but about running with better posture and gait).

In any event, once I’ve gotten accustomed to running with minimalist shoes like the Minimus I’ll probably try going even more minimal with Huaraches… but that will have to be another blog post down the road. :)

Have fun!


PS – In case you’re wondering why I’m on this conditioning kick… it’s because I am upping my Muay Thai training (and hopefully travel to Thailand to train in the next year or so). So, I figure I need to start running more and get my cardio up, because it sucks right now. :)

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