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Is Evolutionary Fitness The Same As Atkins?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions over the past couple of months since I posted my transformation pictures. And one of the main questions or comments I’ve received is whether or not the diet of Evolutionary Fitness (Primal Blueprint style diet) is the same as the Atkins (low-carb) diet.

I’ll try to address it, but a quick caveat… I only have superficial knowledge of the Atkins diet so my take on it may be wrong… however, having said that, my impression is that if one follows the Atkins diet properly the diet is quite similar in approach between them…

The main difference I think (based on what I’ve read of Atkins) has to do with the fact that Atkins focuses a lot of their efforts around diet (low-carb) and the program seems to be based on deliberately pursuing ketosis (i.e. burning fat as fuel)…

On the other hand, the evolutionary diet, while it also pursues ketosis (when high amount of fatloss is desired) and follows a “low carb” diet (to a point) is more about the evolutionary diet of humans (which happens to be low-carb because of what they chose to eat). I also get a feeling that the Evo diet is more conscious about eating whole and organic foods whenever possible, while Atkins seem to concentrate more on everything being ‘low carb’.

I think it’s important to add that while the Evolutionary Fitness / Primal Blueprint has a large dietary component, it is not an “Eating Plan” per se. While the Atkins program seem to center everything around the DIET (they have 4 phases in their diet), Evolutionary Fitness concentrates on adapting this as a lifestyle and changing all aspects of your life including eating, moving (exercising), resting, playing etc.

I should mention that most people never complete the 4 phases of the Atkins Diet… and either focus a lot of time around the “induction phase” (where the carb intake is only 15 – 20 grams), and think that’s all there is to the diet… which is NOT the case.

I think overall, an Evolutionary Lifestyle is a more viable and wholesome approach for long-term sustainability. So far I’ve been following this lifestyle for over 250 days without any problems or ‘falling off the wagon’ (which was the case in the past – read the article about my trials and tribulations with my body transformation)…

In any event, while I think all of this stuff is very groovy (including Atkins, Paleo and other Ketogenic diet models), one should READ and RESEARCH them before adapting them into your life.

Here are some resources that may be of some help to understand the differences of each:

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