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Dairy and the Primal Diet (Paleo Diet)

There’s a lot of different studies about dairy… and there are a lot of opinions in the Paleo world about consuming dairy products as well.

Some of these studies that are very anti-dairy, and you’ve probably heard that it can be pro-inflammatory and insulinogenic (and because of casein and lactose intolerance in people).

Primal Blueprint, Paleo Diet and Dairy Products - imageDr. Cordain (the author of the book “Paleo Diet”) also suggests that milk leads to cancer (read his material if you’re interested in learning more about this).

Because many Paleo dudes are purists in he sense that they eat only a diet based around meat, fruits and veggies (that is found during the season), many say NO to dairy (and alcohol – I’ll tackle that in a different post).

Because I don’t eat a traditional Paleo Diet, but rather follow the Primal Blueprint (or Primal lifestyle) I don’t follow that particular logic.

This means that I partake small amounts of cheese, cook with butter, use half and half in my coffee and also eat Greek Yoghurt with my berries. I even eat some whey protein on occasion <gasp!>.

I don’t drink milk though, although if I did I’d defintely use raw milk. I should probably note that Mark Sisson, the author of Primal Blueprint) in his Definitive Guide to Dairy says he doesn’t really recommend that people drink raw milk though…

Again, my stance on consuming dairy would be considered anti-Paleo by the purists… but again I belive that if your body is not lactose intolerant, and you happen to like dairy products, you can consume dairy in moderation.

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